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It’s the d’zzit Invasion--d’zzit AW 2018 Fashion Show
DAZZLE entrust Mazarine AP for d’zzit AW 2018 Fashion Show.

It’s the d’zzit Invasion--d’zzit AW 2018 Fashion Show

DAZZLE returned to Mazarine Asia Pacific to continue in creating another out-of-the-box runway event with the brand younger and trendier collection, d’zzit.

d’zzit carries a “Cool Hunter” spirit with an eccentric mix of fashion style. The AW 2018 collection focuses on the aesthetic of a luxury flea market fashion ethos.


Mazarine Asia Pacific captured the above complex brand pillars to a “d’zzit Invasion” key message. Amplifying a bold presentation of an arrival using an oversized parachute stage design as the key setting. Taking over the venue TAXX, a well-known nightclub in the heart of Shanghai.

Each d’zzit girl arriving from various planets stepped out of the runway in her own unique style.

The show rounded up with a special performance from a Japanese dance group, akane. Much known in the social conversation for the whimsical choreography transforming the 70s style into something - cool.

At the front row stood special guest Kiko Mizahura and various renowned KOL and Douyin influencers.

Within this chaotic set-up of a runway without boundary, Mazarine Asia Pacific also produces video assets to be released on-site for the brand social posts announcement.