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Dior | DIORAMOUR CVD Digital Activation
Mazarine Asia Pacific created a mini game for DIORAMOUR collection to engage with VIP.

Romance is in the air during Chinese Valentine’s day. What gift will you prepare to celebrate your love?  DIORAMOUR gives you the answer. This year, the limited edition collection was demonstrated by Angelababy, Ziwen Wang, Likun Wang and Jinyan Wu. To engage vip consumers with DIORAMOUR limited edition capsule collection, Mazarine Asia Pacific presented a mini memory game to unlock the celebrity looks.

Due to the fun mechanism, the average duration of this activation was high and the binding rate of Dior Fashion Style WeChat Membership was even higher. After playing the H5, two-thirds of the participants became members.

The activation also helped to drive traffic from offline to online. Users were invited to pop-up stores to try out DIORAMOUR looks and upload photos with the H5 DIORAMOUR photo frames, or learn mix & match tips.