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Balmain Official Website Relaunch
Balmain has selected Mazarine to relaunch its e-commerce website.

Mazarine oversaw the complete redesign of the e-commerce platform www.balmain.comThe new digitial interface offers an amplified navigation performance and a buying experience both fluid and accessible, in line with the brand DNA.

Carrying on their collaboration with Mazarine, Balmain entrusted the agency with the creation and production of social assets for the launch of it’s new iconic bag, the BBUZZ. The digital and social activation campaign, broadcasted on the brand networks in september 2019. The assets created by Mazarine are inspired by the name of the collection, Bbuzz, and the idea of propagation and repetition. Following this inspiration, a rich variety of static and animated  "mini experciences" with a strong graphic identity has been conceived and fully produced by the agency. 

The contents were displayed on Balmain's website, social networks and media campaign.