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Boucheron Paris to Beijing | SKP Store Opening 360° Campaign
French jewelry maison Boucheron has recently opened its boutique in Beijing SKP, the city’s shopping landmark. For the brand milestone and biggest occasion of the year, Mazarine Asia Pacific has developed and produced a 360° campaign, from digital to social, successful drives O2O traffic.

To convey the campaign message in a fun and effective way, Mazarine comes up with a concept leveraging the adorable image of Wladimir, the brand icon and family cat of Boucheron. The campaign storytelling unfolds from Wladimir’ s perspective. From Paris to Beijing, Wladimir as a symbol of Boucheron brand spirit and heritage, discovers SKP store and engage with audience.  

To better illustrate the iconic image of Wladimir and campaign story, Mazarine AP has collaborated with an illustrator to create video and visual content in animation style. In two episodes, Wladimir’s amazing journey is presented to audience in an animated and playful way. 

Brand ambassador Zhou Dongyu is the voice in the video to tell Wladimir's story. In social communication, she also introduces Wladimir as her friend from Paris.


To make the campaign more engaging and viral, Mazarine AP takes a step further to create an H5 interactive game, in which participants can help Wladimir catch the Quatre ring in Beijing SKP store. Upon launching, the mini game has gained 1million page views in less than a week. Through the game, participants can obtain a QR code to redeem a limited edition Wladimir doll in offline stores. 

For social communication, Wladimir “takes over” Boucheron’s Weibo and WeChat account to tell the story in his witty and playful tone. Social communication has gained large engagement and viewership.

As a final touch of the campaign, Mazarine AP designs a series of Wladimir sticker for audience to download to sustain the message and continue social discussion.