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shu uemura | Rouge Unlimited
Mazarine AP was the awarded agency for the concept and execution of the global launch party of shu uemura’s new Rouge Unlimited lipstick collection.

The event night was held at the iconic Cool Docks, immersed in a halo of red lights to amplify the rouge unlimited concept. Guests and KOLs from different countries were invited to the launch party, for a night of lip artistry and creative interactions.

Guests could try on the full range of lipsticks and understand the shu uemura lip artistry throughout the event, with creative photo call corners and show off the different shades of rouge unlimited.

The digital interaction corner was also where guests could transform themselves into the star of the shu uemura rouge unlimited brand video, to be shared on their social media and also projected onto the large screen for all party-goers.

The brand ambassasador Yibo Wang also made an appearance, after an impressive makeup show lead by Uchiide, shu uemura international artistic director. He and his makeup team displayed creative full makeup looks in using shu uemura products.

Following up to the event, the KOLs from every country participated in an intimate workshop on the next day to understand the deep history of shu uemura lip artistry, and also get an up close and personal look of the makeup show.