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Boucheron I Home to Luxury Campaign
Mazarine kicked off social retainer project for Boucheron and launched its Home to Luxury digital and social campaign. 

Mazarine Asia Pacific, with careful strategic and creative planning, kicked off social retainer project for Boucheron, one of the leading French high jewelry brands in the world. To better communicate on Boucheron’s brand positioning and pillar, Mazarine Asia Pacific came up with a series of strategy including social bible, creative design, and content angle to differentiate the brand from its competitors.

In November, Boucheron entrusted Mazarine to launch its Home to Luxury campaign in Shanghai Plaza 66, driving traffic from online to offline. Tailor-made for this campaign, a fun quiz was developed by Mazarine team to showcase the concept – Various Colors, Freedom to be. By participating in the quiz, audience can discover their own colors and find the Boucheron product and style that represents their characters.

On the Home to Luxury event day at Shanghai Plaza 66, Boucheron’s Brand Friend Lin Yanjun, young idol and singer, showcased his Boucheron style. Lin played the H5 quiz and discovered his color code as black, representing his daring and confident charateristics. 

On social channels, audience is invited to play the H5 quiz and go visit Boucheron’s brandnew boutique at Shanghai Plaza 66, creating a complete online and offline experience.