Behind the concept of the idea of “Discover your fortune of time”, Mazarine Asia Pacific created an H5 mini website featuring Italian style to convey the brand's iconic Italian identity. 


This campaign has generated great impressions and interactions with the help of Wechat moment AD and Weibo posts.


In capturing the two keywords for this campaign, “Italy” and “Moment”, in-line with the Timepieces Collection, Mazarine Asia Pacific created an H5 mini website with a UI/UX illustration of the Italian landscape and the “skeleton” face of a watch.


By encompassing the Timepieces collection of Male and Female categories in 8 different styles (16 watches in total), Mazarine Asia Pacific created a user-friendly UX yet attractive UI to allow the display of the watch taking center stage.


Upon entering the opening interface, users will get immersed into a full-screen window with a graphic clock face. Turning the clock hands to interact and change the time of the day. Simultaneously, the Italian landscape photo in the background changes accordingly.