Providing on-going communications, PR & Marketing counsel, Mazarine Asia Pacific also took charge of the projects execution on the ground.


Grand Opening Ceremony & Gala Dinner


Presented as Macau’s most innovative resort that brings China to the World and the World to China, MGM COTAI celebrated the opening of the property on February 13, 2018.


The day started with the traditional BaiSun ceremony for the management and team followed by a Press Conference. Later on, local guests from the highest levels of public authorities to business partners and eminent associations were invited to the Grand Opening Ceremony followed by a Gala Dinner with the exclusive participation of Sally Yeh for a special performance on stage.


#ExploreSpectacular – Art & Entertainment Celebration


MGM COTAI brings to Macau and the region a new kind of entertainment, leisure and hospitality offerings. With artistry through, the property unveiled the Chairman’s collection of art pieces from Chinese traditional and contemporary artists. The day opened with a series of Art Tours followed by a Symposium on Redefining Public Art.


Several international celebrities were present that day, experiencing Spectacular at MGM COTAI through various forms of art: digital or edible or traditional!


The day ended for selected glamourous guests and local & regional celebrities with a dinner at the newly open Theater @COTAI (the very first dynamic theater in Asia!), followed by a private concert from Kylie Minogue and After-Party with the famous DJ Choice 37.


For both events, Mazarine Asia Pacific took charge of:

·     Event Concept, Design, production & management

·     Public & Media relations and Strategy

·     Celebrity appointments and management

·     Marketing collaterals design and production