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Larsen Social Campaign | A different way to promote cognac
Mazarine Asia Pacific helped Larsen Cognac earn audience’s heart in China market with unique brand strategies and series online campaigns.

In 2019 Mazarine Asia Pacific helped Larsen Cognac, a cognac house since its origin in 1926 provides great adventure with its first launch in China market with an integrated campaign, kicking off a remarkable journey. 

After the official launch in China market, Mazarine Asia Pacific keeps maintaining WeChat and Weibo account for Larsen Cognac, develops digital branding strategies, sustains the relationship between brands and their communities on a daily basis, helps this cognac brand raise its brand awareness and keep pace with China's constantly evolving digital market.

With increasing numbers of followers on both platforms, Mazarine use online campaigns to create lasting relationships with customers and recruiting new ones by balancing unique brand identity with its audiences’ expectations.

Online campaign named Larsen Aroma journey launched in summer 2020 enabled audience to explore different aromas of cognac and get on a beautiful online journey to the dreamland with Larsen through a mini-game, at the end win a coupon to shop in either online store or offline shops.

This campaign successfully helped Larsen to be known by more Chinese drinkers and established its young and creative image among audience, not as a traditional cognac brand, but with explorer’s spirit, fun soul and for sure, high quality.